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Saturday 15 June 2019
S25 Industrial Unit 
S25 Industrial Unit - Vin Cassidy and Steve Stringer

Steve Stringer and Vin Cassidy are preparing a live duo project running alongside Section 25, aptly named the S25 Industrial Unit.

Vin Cassidy said, "The two of us are working in an Industrial and Dance vein and inspired by the original band's back catalogue. We experiment with electronic and percussion/effects, non-rock guitar/keyboards etc."


Blackburn - 21 September 2019, Electric Church, 79 Northgate, Blackburn BB2 1AA [Buy tickets]

Vienna - 25 October, Replugged/Klang 50 [Buy tickets)

London - 21 November, The Barrel Store, Wildcard Brewery, Shernhall Street, E17 9HQ London [Tickets]


Check out the new Facebook page for news, gig updates, etc -

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Section 25

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