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Monday 12 August 2019
Always Now 5LP coloured vinyl box set [FBN 3-045] 
Always Now 5LP coloured vinyl box set [FBN 3-045]

A deluxe 5LP vinyl box set edition of Always Now, the debut album by Section 25, produced by legendary sonic architect Martin Hannett and sleeved by Peter Saville is out 6 September via Factory Benelux.

Recorded as a trio at Pink Floyd's Britannia Row studio in London in January 1981, Always Now combined austere post-punk rhythm and noise with elements of Can, Krautrock and modern psychedelia. Key tracks include Friendly Fires, Dirty Disco and New Horizon, along with C.P. (a collaboration with Hannett) and Hit (extensively sampled by Kanye West for the track F.M.L. on his 2016 album The Life of Pablo).

Those vinyl box contents in full:

LP1 - the original Always Now album (black vinyl)
LP2 - non-album singles from the period 1980-81 including 'Je Veux Ton Amour' and 'Girls Don't Count' (clear vinyl)
LP3 - complete live show recorded at Groningen, NL on 26 October 1980 (yellow vinyl)
LP4 - second studio album 'The Key of Dreams' (red vinyl)
LP5 - further experimental material recorded in 1981 and self-released on 'Illuminus Illumina' cassette plus live encore jam recorded with all four members of New Order at Reading University on 8 May 1981 (silver vinyl)

More information including full tracklisting: Always Now 5LP coloured vinyl box set [FBN 3-045]

The album is available to pre-order now via Factory Benelux Mailorder

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Section 25

Section 25

Section 25 - Always Now [FBN 3-045-CD]