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Friday 11 August 2023
First time on vinyl for four Section 25 albums 
First time on limited edition vinyl for four Section 25 albums

Limited edition vinyl pressings of four of our albums - Part-Primitiv (FBN 130, 180g heavyweight black vinyl), Nature + Degree (FBN 135, purple vinyl), Retrofit (FBN 140, orange vinyl) and Dark Light (FBN 145, crystal clear vinyl) are being released via Factory Benelux in late August 2023. This will be the first time these albums have been available on vinyl.

Each album includes a digital copy with extra tracks and they can all be purchased individually, or as part of a bundle available from FBN and Burning Shed featuring all four albums as well as a signed postcard and a bonus copy of the FBN 124 Alfresco live package.

All albums are available to buy via Burning Shed.

Section 25's Vin Cassidy with the 4LP selection

Section 25's Steve Stringer with a selection

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