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Saturday 14 February 2015
Section 25 live at Deaf Institute / Record Store Day 2015 
Section 25 live at Deaf Institute / Record Store Day 2015

Vinyl Revival Presents Record Store Day at The Deaf Institute, Manchester on Saturday 18 April 2015 from 6.30pm.

The line-up is B-Movie, Crispy Ambulance and Section 25.

Tickets priced £10.00 plus booking fee are available now via SeeTickets, ENTS24 and The Deaf Institute.

Please note that this event is for over-14s only. No refunds will be issued for under-14s.


See also: Record Store Day 2014 @ The Ruby Lounge

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Monday 9 February 2015
Section 25 - Always Now [FBN 3-045 CD] 
Section 25 - Always Now [FBN 3-045 CD]

To coincide with our recently-announced Records Store Day single Mirror we are proud that on 6 April 2015 Factory Benelux releases a deluxe 34-track 2CD edition of our Martin Hannett-produced debut album Always Now.

Recorded by the original trio line-up of the band at Pink Floyd's Britannia Row studio in London, Always Now combined austere post-punk rhythms with elements of Can, Krautrock and modern psychedelia.

The second disc features loads of bonus material including a John Peel session from January 1981, a complete live show from Groningen in October 1980, plus various remastered alternate versions of several album tracks.

This new Factory Benelux 2CD edition is housed in a miniature version of the fabulous folding pochette wallet designed by Peter Saville.



1. Friendly Fires
2. Dirty Disco
3. C.P.
4. Loose Talk (Costs Lives)
5. Inside Out
6. Melt Close
7. Hit
8. Babies in the Bardo
9. Be Brave
10. New Horizon
11. Haunted
12. Charnel Ground
13. Human Puppets
14. Knew Noise
15. Up To You
16. Girls Don't Count
17. Oyo Achel Ada
18. After Image
19. Red Voice


1. One True Path (Peel Session)
2. Babies in the Bardo (Peel Session)
3. Hit (Peel Session)
4. Je Veux Ton Amour (7")
5. Loose Talk (Costs Lives) (live)
6. Human Puppets (live)
7. Knew Noise (live)
8. Friendly Fires (live)
9. Girls Don't Count (live)
10. New Horizon (live)
11. Haunted (live)
12. You're On Your Own (live)
13. Floating (demo)
14. Friendly Fires (outtake)
15. One True Path (outtake)

The album is available to pre-order now via Factory Benelux Mailorder.

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Section 25 on MOJO #256 cover disc 
We are delighted to be featured on the current MOJO magazine cover disc called Change The Beat. It's issue number 256, the one with the Madonna front cover and the disc is themed around the early Eighties New York music scene from which she emerged. Program For Light off From The Hip appears alongside choice cuts from 23 Skidoo, ESG, Bush Tetras and many more.

MOJO is out now in all good newsagents.

From The Hip is available to buy direct from Factory Benelux Mailorder.

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Sunday 8 February 2015
Mirror - Record Store Day 7-inch single 
Section 25 - Mirror [FBN 73]

Our new single will be a 7" vinyl Mirror b/w You Leave Me No Choice will is out via Factory Benelux in a limited edition of 500 copies for this year's Record Store Day which falls on Saturday 18 April 2015.

FBN 73 features brand new recordings of two songs which were originally performed live by Section 25 in 1980/81, but which were never recorded in the studio. Our special guest vocalist for this release is Simon Topping (A Certain Ratio, Quando Quango and T-Coy) who has sung live with us recently at certain dates.

The artwork is based on Peter Saville's original cover design with the colour scheme now reversed.

Section 25 are Vin Cassidy, Beth Cassidy, Steve Stringer, Jo Cassidy and Simon Topping.


A: Mirror
B: You Leave Me No Choice

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