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Sunday 18 July 2021
From The Hip Triple Coloured Vinyl Edition [FBN 33] 
From The Hip Triple Coloured Vinyl Edition [FBN 33]

Factory Benelux presents an expanded and remastered triple vinyl set for Record Store Day 2021 in a limited edition of 800 copies. This pioneering electro classic from 1984 is now augmented with singles, remixes and session tracks and is housed in a deluxe trifold sleeve directed by Peter Saville, with each disc pressed in a complementary colour: orange, blue and silver.

3LP Tracklisting

A1. The Process
A2. Looking From a Hilltop
A3. Reflection
A4. Prepare to Live
B1. Program For Light
B2. Desert
B3. Beneath the Blade
B4. Inspiration
C1. Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix)
C2. Another Hilltop (Stephen Morris Mix)
D1. Crazy Wisdom
D2. Dirty Disco II
D3. The Guitar Waltz
D4. Bad News Week
E1. Beating Heart (Remix)
E2. Back to Wonder
E3. Sakura
E4. Slinky
F1. Looking From a Hilltop (BBC Session)
F2. Reflection (BBC Session)
F3. Warhead (BBC Session)
F4. Program for Light (Outernationale Mix)

All tracks are newly remastered in 2020 by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works. Includes MP3 digital copy.

Available to buy now direct from Factory Benelux Mailorder.

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Section 25

Section 25

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